President’s Letter by Kathy Durdin

President’s Letter by Kathy Durdin

It is fall in Hyde Park, and before we know it the year will be over.  It has been a busy time here.  HHPNA is committed to actively working to enhance our neighborhood.  That means we have been working on efforts to improve our neighborhood and to address the issues that we face.

Currently, we are focusing our efforts on neighborhood enhancement on Swann and our Gateways.  For example, our efforts on Swann include working with Hyde Park Preservation Inc. on eliminating redundant signage on Swann and determining how to enhance our Gateways—both on Swann and Morrison.

Your Board has also been involved in a number of issues in the neighborhood.  Many of these are currently very active, and you may have received updates on these before you receive the Forum.  Remember, it is so very important to be a member of HHPNA, so that you can receive continual updates on key issues in the neighborhood.  See page x of the Forum for how to become a member.


  • Parking – Parking is an issue in any urban environment, including Hyde Park. Parking is an issue throughout the neighborhood, particularly around commercial areas such as Hyde Park Village and Fresh Kitchen, and in dense residential areas with limited off street parking.  Because we are a dense urban area, we need to be mindful of the needs of all our neighbors.  We have been specifically working with the City on the potential for resident parking (i.e. designated for residents of the neighborhood only) north of Swann.  A meeting may have been scheduled before you receive the Forum.  If you are interested and are not on our email list, please contact Michael Lynch, Steve Fredlund or Pat Cimino.
  • Proposed VFW rezoning – HHPNA has been active on the issues related to the proposed rezoning of 2010 West Morrison. By the time you have received this Forum, the first reading of the proposed area-wide rezoning of this location will have occurred on October 13, 2016.  Lisa Jacobson and Donnally Bailey are the key contacts on this issue, if you are interested in getting involved going forward.
  • Dekle / Desoto / Howard – The City is still working on proposed changes to the Dekle / Desoto / Howard intersection, and we expect to be updated this fall. Please contact me if you are interested in updates and were not at the meeting on May 16.
  • Drainage and Roadway Maintenance – With summer rains and tropical storms, we saw the impact of poor drainage on our neighborhood streets. We are excited that the City Council passed the Stormwater Assessment Program and will be starting to actively address drainage issues over the next several years.   If you have poor drainage, please contact Kathy Durdin, Lisa Jacobson and/or Jim Friar, and we will reach out to the City’s Stormwater Division.  If you have any maintenance items to report, i.e., potholes or clogged storm drains, please contact the City’s 24/7 Customer Service Center at (813) 274-3101.

Your neighborhood association can be active because so many of us care about what happens in our neighborhood.  The many issues and activities that we are involved in provide a wide range of opportunities to connect to your passions.  HHPNA has a number of committees to serve on – where you volunteer depends on your interests.  We have a need for help on Roads and Alleys, Home Tour, Social, Membership and Family Fun.  To learn more, come to the annual meeting or talk to a Board member.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm.  I have been honored to serve you and help to address your needs, while working to make our neighborhood the best it could be.

Robert Schouler