Parking Update

At the City Council meeting on October 5, the Legal and Parking Division briefly gave their report on a potential program resident restricted parking program..

  • The presentation included the following Parking Plan preliminary concepts:
    1. Parking Plan should pay for itself: $150 per permit per year for 2 permits for a household, then $200 per year for additional permits
    2. Streets eligible for parking plan include: narrow streets, streets near commercial establishments, streets that are residential with no driveways/ alleyways nor significant street frontage
    3. Hours of operation: 6 PM to 6 AM.
  • Concerns voiced today by Councilmen:
    1. Need to have a process to address hardship cases (residents not able to pay) for some residents who would have a difficulty paying.
    2. Need to limit the maximum number of permits per household so that one residence on a street does not get a disproportionate number of permits to the detriment of other residents on that street.
  • Scheduled a Workshop to discuss parking program options. Workshop will be on a Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 9 AM.  At the Workshop, the City Council wants to see:
    1. Specific streets to be included
    2. Parking that is available on these streets
    3. Key provisions for the program and implementation
    4. Alternatives to address hardship situations

Harry Cohen was the Councilperson pushing on the short timing of the workshop, recognizing the issues that we have had in the neighborhood, including the recent incident when an emergency vehicle couldn’t get down Dekle at lunchtime.

The Workshop on October 26th will provide more information on the City’s approach to any program and related implementation, particularly the criteria for which streets would be included and how residents will interface with the process to determine the streets to be included..  Check this space after the October 26th workshop for an update.

Parking in Hyde Park, Tampa

Because we live in an urban environment, parking is an issue for our neighborhood. The popularity of our neighborhood and the success of neighboring commercial districts has made matters worse. Parking issues have been exacerbated by the negation of 5 minute parking signs. While the negation of the 5 minute parking signs have made the problem more visible, parking is an issue that has been building over time.


Over the past year, HHPNA has been working with your neighbors, the City of Tampa, Tampa Police Department and commercial establishments to explore alternative approaches to address the parking and traffic issues on our streets, particularly around Hyde Park Village and around Howard, Dekle and related streets in the southwest part of our neighborhood. Last year, for example, neighbors north of Swann discussed the possibility of becoming part of the City’s resident restricted parking program.


The Tampa City Council has taken up the issue of parking. City staff provided an interim update at a City Council workshop on June 15. Various Tampa City Departments, including legal and planning, have been studying how to address parking, including adopting a more robust resident parking program. Such a resident parking program could restrict parking in an identified neighborhood only to residents. City Staff are studying the City to identify those neighborhoods, including Hyde Park, that have parking issues. Included in the considerations are neighborhoods with proximity to commercial establishments, inadequate residential parking due to lack of driveways or alley parking, etc. Such a program has not yet been developed but is under consideration. It is important for every resident of Hyde Park to appreciate that if such a program is implemented in Hyde Park, it could impact where you can park.


City Staff is analyzing target neighborhoods to determine what number of parking spaces might actually be available on one or both sides of relevant streets, considering street width, curb cuts for driveways, storm water intake, no parking areas such as in front of hydrants, etc.


At the same time, they are identifying and analyzing the practices of other large cities to determine best practices that might be relevant to consider in Tampa, as well as starting to identify policy considerations. The compilation of information on programs from seven different cities, included how one qualifies for the program, what is permitted, enforcement and penalties.


The interim update was just a first step. City Staff are directed to come back to City Council on September 7th to provide a staff report on a potential parking program. Such a report could include:

  • Policy considerations to be addressed
  • Areas to be covered
  • Implementation
  • Administration considerations
  • Enforcement
  • Cost


Note that as this presentation will be a staff report, public comment will be in advance of the staff presentation at City Council, not after as is typical on other issues.


It is anticipated that the development and implementation of a parking program will take time. Public comment will be solicited at various points in the process before new ordinances are drafted, as well as after. HHPNA leadership will be monitoring the process, and there will be a number of times in which it will be important for neighbors to be involved. It is important that City Council addresses this issue now. Tampa has a big city parking issue and needs to develop a big city parking solution.


Information and updates on what is happening will be published in the Forum and in the HHPNA website blog. In addition, important updates on the potential program and City Council actions will be communicated to HHPNA members through eblasts. Become a member today so that you can stay up to date on what is happening.


For those neighbors on Dekle and surrounding areas, HHPNA will reach to the Parking Division to determine if the current residential restricted parking program should be considered by the residents as an interim solution, given the process that will need to occur for the City to implement a more expansive parking program.

If you are interested in helping on parking issues, including outreach to the City on this important issue, please contact Kathy Durdin, 813-220-5800 or


Photo of parked car in front of fire hydrant on Dekle Ave., courtesty of Kip Eldridge, 6.20.17.

President’s Letter 2017

Hello Neighbors and Friends,

2017 is going to be an exciting year in Historic Hyde Park. The Board of Directors and committees are already actively working to enhance our neighborhood and protect what we hold most dear about our special place.

As President, my top initiative is to engage with each of you, our members. We are an all volunteer group and a 1 hour a month or 1 hour a quarter commitment from each member will allow us to continue our mission. Expect a phone call and email from me personally inviting you to meet for coffee, tea, or other beverage to discuss the opportunities for engagement that will best suit your availability.

We are actively working on the following projects within the neighborhood:

  • Parking — with the recent change to 5 minute parking restrictions, we are actively working with the City to come up with a resolution that works for the entire community.
  • Dekle/De Soto/ Howard — the city is still working through a solution to this intersection.
  • Urban Design Master Plan – a plan will give us the road map for future improvements that comport to the historical character of the public areas of the neighborhood.
  • Membership development — for just $45 a year you are invited to all of the fun events and connect with neighbors.

We have the following active committees

  • Home Tour, March 4th 2017, 9 am – 3 pm: This event occurs on the 1st Saturday of March each year since 2004 [?] and is our largest fundraiser for continuing operating expenses of HHPNA, and to keep dues low.
  • Patrons Party, April 8th 2017, 7 pm – 10 pm : Our annual black tie gala and our top fundraising effort for capital improvements to Historic Hyde Park public areas.
  • Family Fun Committee: In February, we are feeling the LOVE with a family friendly, chalk valentines and pizza party, The March Movie night, and more fun events are planned throughout the year.
  • Communications: Keeping you up-to-date via the E-Blast, The Forum newsletter, our contributions to Hyde Park Living magazine, and social media updates (Facebook, Twitter, anything else?).
  • Land Use: Reviews zoning and land use and recommends how we position ourselves to do what is best for the whole neighborhood.
  • Regulatory: Focuses on upcoming regulatory changes and recommends how we position the association to do what is best for the whole neighborhood.
  • Social: Every 1st Friday, 7 pm – 9 pm: This potluck get-together occurs at a different neighborhood home each month. The committee supplies a bin of necessary paper products and each household attending supplies a sweet or savory dish and their beverage of choice. This is the best way to get to know neighbors.

Affiliated groups within the neighborhood

  • Neighborhood Watch: with Block Captains on most blocks, this group really knows Hyde Park
  • The Garden Club: a close group of green thumb’s who will “judge the best yards” monthly
  • Café Con Tampa: Every Friday at 8 am. in the Oxford Exchange 2nd floor library. $12 includes buffet and coffee or tea. Discover what is happening in groups in Tampa and hear some of the best speakers.

If you live in Historic Hyde Park because you love the look, the feel, the neighbors or the Bungalows, the association is the place for you. Please contact us at for more information.

See You Around!

Jen McDonald

2017 President HHPNA

Neighborhood Watch

by Marti Woznicki, Board Member

A collective sigh of relief could be heard throughout South Tampa on August 18 when Tampa Police announced that they caught had caught three burglars who had terrorized the South Tampa area by unlawfully entering over 25 homes and stealing valuable jewelry and other personal property.

Earlier that month at our Historic Hyde Park Neighborhood Watch meeting, Captain Moskowitz along with Major Vazquez and Bike Officer Klimkoski assured us that TPD detectives were actively working the case since March and explained the different tactics of investigation being used.  They asked the neighborhood to assist by being on the lookout and reporting any similarly suspicious activity to the police without hesitation until these criminals were caught.

Armed with that information, a new sense of interest, energy, and resolve to keep our neighborhood safe was felt throughout the room.  Strengthening ties with the District One officers, as well as with fellow neighbors, is key.  With the holidays coming up, more visitors can be expected be drawn to our area, as well as residents taking extended vacations to see loved ones.  It is important now more than ever to be actively involved in our neighborhood watch.  For more information, please contact Marti Woznicki at with your address and contact information.


President’s Letter by Kathy Durdin

It is fall in Hyde Park, and before we know it the year will be over.  It has been a busy time here.  HHPNA is committed to actively working to enhance our neighborhood.  That means we have been working on efforts to improve our neighborhood and to address the issues that we face.

Currently, we are focusing our efforts on neighborhood enhancement on Swann and our Gateways.  For example, our efforts on Swann include working with Hyde Park Preservation Inc. on eliminating redundant signage on Swann and determining how to enhance our Gateways—both on Swann and Morrison.

Your Board has also been involved in a number of issues in the neighborhood.  Many of these are currently very active, and you may have received updates on these before you receive the Forum.  Remember, it is so very important to be a member of HHPNA, so that you can receive continual updates on key issues in the neighborhood.  See page x of the Forum for how to become a member.


  • Parking – Parking is an issue in any urban environment, including Hyde Park. Parking is an issue throughout the neighborhood, particularly around commercial areas such as Hyde Park Village and Fresh Kitchen, and in dense residential areas with limited off street parking.  Because we are a dense urban area, we need to be mindful of the needs of all our neighbors.  We have been specifically working with the City on the potential for resident parking (i.e. designated for residents of the neighborhood only) north of Swann.  A meeting may have been scheduled before you receive the Forum.  If you are interested and are not on our email list, please contact Michael Lynch, Steve Fredlund or Pat Cimino.
  • Proposed VFW rezoning – HHPNA has been active on the issues related to the proposed rezoning of 2010 West Morrison. By the time you have received this Forum, the first reading of the proposed area-wide rezoning of this location will have occurred on October 13, 2016.  Lisa Jacobson and Donnally Bailey are the key contacts on this issue, if you are interested in getting involved going forward.
  • Dekle / Desoto / Howard – The City is still working on proposed changes to the Dekle / Desoto / Howard intersection, and we expect to be updated this fall. Please contact me if you are interested in updates and were not at the meeting on May 16.
  • Drainage and Roadway Maintenance – With summer rains and tropical storms, we saw the impact of poor drainage on our neighborhood streets. We are excited that the City Council passed the Stormwater Assessment Program and will be starting to actively address drainage issues over the next several years.   If you have poor drainage, please contact Kathy Durdin, Lisa Jacobson and/or Jim Friar, and we will reach out to the City’s Stormwater Division.  If you have any maintenance items to report, i.e., potholes or clogged storm drains, please contact the City’s 24/7 Customer Service Center at (813) 274-3101.

Your neighborhood association can be active because so many of us care about what happens in our neighborhood.  The many issues and activities that we are involved in provide a wide range of opportunities to connect to your passions.  HHPNA has a number of committees to serve on – where you volunteer depends on your interests.  We have a need for help on Roads and Alleys, Home Tour, Social, Membership and Family Fun.  To learn more, come to the annual meeting or talk to a Board member.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm.  I have been honored to serve you and help to address your needs, while working to make our neighborhood the best it could be.

Family Fun Movie Night

Come out to Historic Hyde Park’s First Annual Family Fun Movie Night! Spend time with friends and family and meet new neighbors! Everyone is welcome so tell your neighbors! This is free to the public to say “Thank You” for the support our neighbors have offered the neighborhood association! Bring along a blanket and some snacks! We will have waters for sale for $1 This will also be a perfect time to sign up or renew your membship dues should you choose. We’ll have individuals available to sign you up so bring your check for $45 if you’re interested in a nice easy way to renew!
Contact Sandy Fasulo with any questions

Making South Willow Ave
a Friendlier Place to
Walk, Bike, and Reside

by: Angela Wood, Member of HHPNA

For over a decade our family has lived on the 600 block of South Willow Avenue. We enjoy what Historic Hyde Park has to offer in the way of historic homes, trees, excellent schools, friendly neighbors and soon the newly renovated Hyde Park Village.

However, absolutely nothing has changed over the past ten years with regards to speeding cars and heavy trucks illegally cutting through on the 300-600 blocks of South Willow. For over ten years, our family, along with many other residents, has complained to the City and to the police about the daily frustrations we face as residents. We have seen many pedestrians and bicyclists almost hit by speeding cars. In the last 12 months, two of our neighbors’ cars have been totaled after being struck at a high speed as they were parked on the side of the road.  In addition, multiple other cars have lost mirrors and bumpers from hit-and-run drivers. With no crosswalk on South Willow Avenue at West Swann Avenue, children walking to and from school are guessing where to cross.


Recently, members from HHPNA, the Spanishtown Creek Neighborhood Association,  representatives from the Selmon Expressway, and several concerned residents, met with City Councilman, Harry Cohen, to see what can be done to address some of the issues.


At this time, the City is studying a number of areas for improvements including South Willow Avenue. It was shared during the meeting that posting signage directing trucks to the designated truck route (as opposed to just the current “No Truck” signs on South Willow Avenue) and a crosswalk at South Willow and West Swann Avenues are part of the the overall plan.  Because these initiatives are part of a city-wide project, we expect the changes to take time.


South Willow Avenue is a residential, family-filled street. It is also one of the primary gateways into Hyde Park. We hope these changes will help make it a more beautiful and safe roadway for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

Hyde Park Urban Design
Master Plan

By: Del Acosta

For over a decade, your neighborhood association has worked to implement a significant number of ambitious projects to reinforce the historic character and livability of Historic Hyde Park. The neighborhood’s historic street signs, Bern’s Park, the Swann Avenue Gateway, including the recently completed Swann Pond at Hyde Park Village, and the landscaping at the VFW building rehabilitation are a few of the successfully completed projects of the HHPNA. Funding for these projects was made possible by proceeds from the Historic Hyde Park annual home tours, Hyde Park Patrons Parties, public finance, and generous contributions from individuals.  We want to continue these activities by identifying those projects that you think are the highest priority.

As a neighborhood and in conjunction with our surrounding neighborhoods, because the area is so desirable, we continue to face pressures.  To develop a long term vision for our neighborhood which we can use for our own plans and to communicate our desires with others, your neighborhood association has initiated the development of a Hyde Park Urban Design Master Plan.  The purpose of the plan will be to identify future HHPNA capital projects by refining short and long term goals based upon communit input.  A professional urban design consultant will be retained to help the neighborhood classify priorities and provide Hyde Park with a vision plan.

YOUR INPUT IS NEEDED to help your board understand what you think our community’s current needs – projects that are important and relatively easy to do now — and what you believe Hyde Park should look like in the future.

The task is simple – forward comments or ideas on how you would like to see Historic Hyde Park look in the future. Examples of potential planning projects include – but are not limited to – replacement of existing street lighting with historic lighting, underground utilities, streetscaping, or more parks.  Please forward written ideas to or mail your response to Historic Hyde Park Neighborhood Association, P.O. Box 2990, Tampa, FL 33601-2990. The next issue of The Forum will include a summary of the comments received and an update on the progress being made on the Urban Design Master Plan.

2016 Historical Hyde Park
Neighborhood Home Tour Presented by Ferman

Historic Hyde Park opens its doors for it’s Fourteenth Annual Home Tour on
Saturday, March 5, 2016.  Come see why our neighborhood is “The Pearl of Tampa Bay”.
Sponsored by the Historic Hyde Park Neighborhood Association (HHPNA), the tour will feature private homes in the
neighborhood.  We will be showcasing both new construction and original homes that have
been carefully restored throughout the past century.
Proceeds from the Home Tour will be used to fund HHPNA’s ongoing
operations and projects. Past HHPNA projects include landscaping at Bern’s Park on Howard
Avenue, historic street signs throughout the neighborhood, and working with the Crosstown
Hillsborough Expressway Authority to renovate and maintain the underpass at Swann Ave.
Current capital projects include the development of an Urban Design Master Plan.
The 2016 Home Tour begins at Kate Jackson Community Center, 821 S. Rome Ave, Tampa.
Registration and ticket sales begin at 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Homes will be open for
touring from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.