Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

by Marti Woznicki, Board Member

A collective sigh of relief could be heard throughout South Tampa on August 18 when Tampa Police announced that they caught had caught three burglars who had terrorized the South Tampa area by unlawfully entering over 25 homes and stealing valuable jewelry and other personal property.

Earlier that month at our Historic Hyde Park Neighborhood Watch meeting, Captain Moskowitz along with Major Vazquez and Bike Officer Klimkoski assured us that TPD detectives were actively working the case since March and explained the different tactics of investigation being used.  They asked the neighborhood to assist by being on the lookout and reporting any similarly suspicious activity to the police without hesitation until these criminals were caught.

Armed with that information, a new sense of interest, energy, and resolve to keep our neighborhood safe was felt throughout the room.  Strengthening ties with the District One officers, as well as with fellow neighbors, is key.  With the holidays coming up, more visitors can be expected be drawn to our area, as well as residents taking extended vacations to see loved ones.  It is important now more than ever to be actively involved in our neighborhood watch.  For more information, please contact Marti Woznicki at with your address and contact information.


Robert Schouler