Parking Update

Parking Update

At the City Council meeting on October 5, the Legal and Parking Division briefly gave their report on a potential program resident restricted parking program..

  • The presentation included the following Parking Plan preliminary concepts:
    1. Parking Plan should pay for itself: $150 per permit per year for 2 permits for a household, then $200 per year for additional permits
    2. Streets eligible for parking plan include: narrow streets, streets near commercial establishments, streets that are residential with no driveways/ alleyways nor significant street frontage
    3. Hours of operation: 6 PM to 6 AM.
  • Concerns voiced today by Councilmen:
    1. Need to have a process to address hardship cases (residents not able to pay) for some residents who would have a difficulty paying.
    2. Need to limit the maximum number of permits per household so that one residence on a street does not get a disproportionate number of permits to the detriment of other residents on that street.
  • Scheduled a Workshop to discuss parking program options. Workshop will be on a Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 9 AM.  At the Workshop, the City Council wants to see:
    1. Specific streets to be included
    2. Parking that is available on these streets
    3. Key provisions for the program and implementation
    4. Alternatives to address hardship situations

Harry Cohen was the Councilperson pushing on the short timing of the workshop, recognizing the issues that we have had in the neighborhood, including the recent incident when an emergency vehicle couldn’t get down Dekle at lunchtime.

The Workshop on October 26th will provide more information on the City’s approach to any program and related implementation, particularly the criteria for which streets would be included and how residents will interface with the process to determine the streets to be included..  Check this space after the October 26th workshop for an update.

Robert Schouler